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Osteopathic Pledge of Commitment

As members of the Osteopathic medical profession, and in an effort to instill loyalty and strengthen the profession, we recall the tenets on which this profession is founded — the dynamic interaction of mind, body and spirit; the body’s ability to heal itself; the primary role of the musculoskeletal system; and preventative medicine as the key to maintain health.  We recognize the work our precessors have accomplished in building the profession, and we commit ourselves to continuing that work. 

I pledge to:

  • Provide compassionate, quality care to my patients
  • Partner with them to promote health;
  • Display integrity and professionalism throughout my career;
  • Advance the philosophy, practice and science of Osteopathic Medicine;
  • Continue life-long learning;
  • Support my profession with loyalty and action, word and deed; and
  • Live each day as an example of what osteopathic physicians should be.

​​A prominent physician in Wesley Chapel, Dr. Jonathan N. Yousef is a Board Certified Family Practice Physician in both Florida and New York.  Dr. Yousef is a Clinical and Academic Instructor at LECOM and holds an active membership with the Florida Osteopathic Medical Association (FOMA),  the American Osteopathic Association (AOA) as well as other accredited associations. Dr. Yousef is often invited to speak to the local medical community about the progressive techniques he utilizes in his practice and he enjoys educating future medical providers about common ailments seen in family medicine and male health alternatives.

Dr. Yousef earned his medical degree from Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine in 2000. After serving as chief resident at Wellington Regional Medical Center in West Palm Beach, FL, Dr. Yousef went on to see urgent care patients at a walk-in clinic in Tampa before establishing his own practice.

Dr. Yousef works closely with his alma mater, LECOM, and South University as an adjunct professor to new and aspiring physicians, PAs and ARNPs. Dr. Yousef is passionate about teaching and enjoys instilling the values he upholds within his practice into his students. Currently he is an academic and clinical instructor at LECOM Bradenton. 

In 2008, Dr. Yousef opened the doors to Lifetime Family Urgent Care.  The name in itself introduces patients to the atmosphere Dr. Yousef wishes to create – a family. Although originally established as Urgent Care only, Dr. Yousef realized what he enjoys most is caring for established patients and building relationships. If you ask Dr. Yousef what he is most passionate about when it comes to his practice, he would say, “From the beginning, my dream was to provide a place of help and healing to my community. My vision is simple. I want to be, ‘your doctor for a lifetime’ for every person that walks through our doors.”

"We are Doctors of Osteopathic Medicine and the way we practice health care is different. We don’t see patients. We see people."

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Listening to you and partnering in your care are at the heart of our holistic, empathic approach to medicine. We are trained to promote the body’s natural tendency toward health and self-healing. We practice according to the latest science and use the latest technology. But we also consider options to complement pharmaceuticals and surgery."

Why Osteopathic Medicine?

"Doctors of Osteopathic Medicine believe there’s more to good health than the absence of pain or disease. As guardians of wellness, DOs focus on prevention by gaining a deeper understanding of your lifestyle and environment, rather than just treating your symptoms.

"At Lifetime Family, we believe in caring for the individual. More specifically, we believe each patient has their own unique needs. Our practitioners tailor treatment to each patient, and every individual is treated with care and understanding. We invite you to experience the Lifetime difference"                  

  -Dr.Jonathan Yousef DO