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At lifetime family and Urgent care we are committed to staying open during this crisis. Our patients will continue to have the care needed in a compassionate and safe manner.  We have increased our precautions and have taken safety measures to ensure patients are cared for in a safe environment. In many cases, we are taking care of patients through televisits. Patients can be seen face to face in the office. We have also been available to come out to patient's cars in the parking lot. We thank all of you for the warm wishes and generosity during this time. 

 We intend to continue to work as long as possible for everyone's safety and health.

Phone  813 • 395 • 0244  •  FAX 813 • 779 • 2596

Phone  813 • 991 • 4991  •  FAX 813 • 907 • 8942

 For those interested in COVID antibody testing please call 813-991-4991. Employers interested in in COVID testing for employees please ask for the Office manager. Type your paragraph here.